"Sell one for one", how can China's foreign trade of fitness equipment save itself?

Thu, 07/28/2022 - 18:59
A smart factory in Zhejiang Province
A smart factory in Zhejiang Province

Sea freight rates have skyrocketed, orders have fallen, factories have been closed and controlled... Under the overlapping crisis, companies that can take effective self-rescue measures have silently cultivated their "internal skills" as early as the past few years or even more than a dozen years.

Alibaba's online trading system is maturing in the digital transformation. Zhang Kuo, president of Alibaba International Station, started to be in charge of the digital transformation of the international station in 2017. In an interview, he mentioned that the system he envisaged was "all products must be digitized in order to reach more people; overseas demand It must be able to capture in time and quickly iterate commodities; the digitalization of foreign trade is not just online marketing, but the core is the reconstruction of the entire foreign trade link.”