Outdoor power supply for hot camping

Mon, 11/07/2022 - 07:03
Dianxiaoer official website
The mainstream outdoor power supply on the market still has many shortcomings, such as large size, low use frequency, high price, and slow charging speed. A new outdoor power supply has emerged on the market, which is simply like an electric bicycle. When one battery runs out of power, replace another battery.

Chinese clothing enterprises, collectively "roll" to the outdoors

Tue, 11/01/2022 - 11:37
Outdoor sports consumption trends
Outdoor sports consumption trends
Under the change of consumption trends, the concept of outdoor sports has become generalized. The clear boundaries between professional sports, leisure sports and fashion sports have gradually blurred, which also provides multiple opportunities for players in the apparel industry.

"Sell one for one", how can China's foreign trade of fitness equipment save itself?

Thu, 07/28/2022 - 18:59
A smart factory in Zhejiang Province
A smart factory in Zhejiang Province
Sea freight rates have skyrocketed, orders have fallen, factories have been closed and controlled... Under the overlapping crisis, companies that can take effective self-rescue measures have silently cultivated their "internal skills"

Won the championship of tmall 618 home furnishings list again LINSY HOME Furniture has followed the Internet for 15 years

Sun, 06/26/2022 - 12:29
Lin's Wood Industry

Lin's Wood Industry official website

This year's 618 tmall home furnishing industry list shows that LINSY HOME Furniture is not only the top 1 of home furnishings, but also the top 1 of new home retail.

Guangdong's imports have been lower than last year for four consecutive months. Can the orders squeezed by Southeast Asia come back?

Sun, 06/26/2022 - 10:36

The foreign trade data of Guangdong, the largest foreign trade province in my country in the first five months, is a bit complicated: the year-on-year growth rate of 1.9% lags behind the national rate of 8.3%. In addition, from February to May, the monthly import value was lower than last year for four consecutive months.