Chinese clothing enterprises, collectively "roll" to the outdoors

Tue, 11/01/2022 - 11:37
Outdoor sports consumption trends
Outdoor sports consumption trends

In this upsurge coming from mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, of course, the most popular one is Anta (02020.HK), which has surpassed Nike and Adi in revenue.

In 2016, Anta successively acquired Japan's Descente and South Korea's Kolon Sports. In 2019, Amer Sports, the parent company behind Archaeopteryx, was acquired by Anta at a high price of 36 billion yuan, and the proportion of "outdoor sports" in Anta's brand family bucket is also increasing.

The old sportswear brand is still like this, and the cross-border clothing brand has also opened the road of gold nuggets in the "hot land" of outdoor sports.

PEACEBIRD (603877.SH), a fast fashion brand without sports genes, hinted at its ambition to enter this track by launching two sports product lines, AIRxPEACE and SPCN.

Under the change of consumption trends, the concept of outdoor sports has become generalized. The clear boundaries between professional sports, leisure sports and fashion sports have gradually blurred, which also provides multiple opportunities for players in the apparel industry.